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Company Overview

GRAFFERSID is an award-winning, website and app development company. They have worked with many startups funded by Sequoia, TechStars, YCombinator, Coca-Cola, Google, Harvard, MIT Labs, and many others. 

With Headquarters in Indore (India) the company has spread its reach in global markets. GRAFFERSID has won prestigious awards from GoodFirms, Clutch for their incredible UI/UX design and development services.

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Being a very successful company in the IT field after working with Unicorns & Market Leaders, the GraffersID website was not reflecting the same values. 


In their 4th year, the company wanted to redesign and develop a website that represented their brand correctly. 

Being an IT Company, the team of GraffersID worked on design and development while Qoulomb worked with their Brand Messaging, Web Copy, and Blogging Strategy!


To look for elements that were not aligned with the new brand message, we conducted a Content Audit of the website. Results were no surprise. 


A content audit is not complete without goals written down clearly. At Qoulomb, we have created templates for Content Audit which makes the process quicker ensuring 0 errors.

Content was promotional in most of the sections

There was no consistency in brand messaging

The content was not optimized for SEO at all

These details come out during a comprehensive content quality audit. Along with this, we conducted an SEO Audit for each of the pages.


After the discovery meeting with the Founder of GRAFFERSID – Sidharth Jain, we were surprised. This website did not reflect any of the values, missions & accomplishments he talked about. 


Additionally, the website was missing many key aspects such as  SEO keywords and educational areas to attract the target audience. Due to a bland website with no target-oriented content, GRAFFERSID was unable to convert traffic and build brand credibility.


Once you have done amazing work like GRAFFERSID, you want to capitalize on it. The goals were all aligned to build a more credible, authentic brand. With a plethora of services offerings, it was crucial to get more leads from websites.

Get better search engine rankings

Increase the conversion percentage which was not happening

Boost the traffic to increase Brand Awareness

How did we do it? - With our strategies, planning & smooth execution

We just love rebranding as it’s like a doctor removing diseases and preparing a body for a better life. Our team has brought 30+ websites to life with live content and brought it up in search results.


Before the planning process, our team had long discussions with the company about their goals. It was important to clearly define the company’s goals before creating plans and strategies to achieve them. 

Conducting various research and analyzing the competitors, target audience and market, allowed Qoulomb to strategize the best route to achieve these goals. 


With continuous efforts, the website was receiving remarkable traffic from the target audience.


Website renovation for better clarity

Improving conversion rates

Research to understand the target audience

Internal Linking of Different pages and Blogs

Keyword Optimization and Prioritization

CTA planning and placements

GRAFFERSID’S current website was very bland and was focusing on randomness. To bring more traffic from the newly defined target audience, the website had to be completely restructured. 


They mapped out every aspect of the website and linked it to the required content. Though the website was now focusing more on funded startups, it was bound to attract other audiences too.


Hence, Qoulomb planned that the landing page of the website should have content for every type of visitor. The first step of planning was to categorize the content and services based on the different kinds of audiences. 


Discussions with the company and market research helped Qoulomb in understanding which type of services the audience might want. We created a map of pages to link together forming a strong internal linking pattern.


Additionally, Competitor’s SEO Audit also allowed Qoulomb to find the best keywords that GRAFFERSID should be ranked for. There were long discussions on the placements of the keywords and how those keywords should be used.


A content marketing web

Directory submission and Backlinking

Catchy and Attractive Titles

On-Page SEO Optimization

Content Production at a large scale

Guest Blogging

We started by categorizing the different types of audiences the website will receive and the type of content required for these audiences. We created separate service pages for each service provided by the company. 

Content in each category was written uniquely according to desired metrics. The major division was writing each tech page separately and each industry page separately. IT is such a huge industry that you have to be ready for any kind of prospect and inquiry. 

These pages allowed GRAFFERSID to cater to customer requirements of users. Copywriting team of Qoulomb collaborated to devise a single approach for all pages. With a guideline document on the desk, it was easier to bring multiple people to work on the same project. 

The different writing styles of every person made the website look catchy and the content interesting. Our focus was on using SEO-optimized keywords to ensure that the website ranked higher on SERPs. Simultaneously, our content team always worked on creating informative and engaging blogs on topics that were being searched by the target audience more and more.

The architecture & structure for services pages, the home page, about page, industries page, landing pages were presented to the client. After the first week of creating content, we presented the content to the client and performed a quality check using tools & our audit template to ensure it produced the required results.

 Once the content met our expectations, we started creating content of similar quality. Focusing on internal linking, keyword density, Readability score(Flesch-reading test score), engagement score, and stats-based facts, we created traffic fetching & convertible content.

SEO optimization led to the website ranking higher and higher on SERPs. The website was attracting more traffic from the targeted audience. Moreover, the conversion rates were also starting to rise in just 5 weeks. 

We double-checked everything and made sure the website design and content were engaging. Additionally, we also ensured that the pages were properly interlinked with each other and that the visitors could easily access the information they needed.


Re-building a website was bound to take some time before reflecting results. In the five weeks, the website had started getting considerable traffic from the guest blogs. In the next two-three months, the website was ranking on the first page with the help of many keywords. Additionally, with the help of two keywords, the website ended up being the very first result on SERPs. Getting the highest ranking in SERPs increased the number of visitors and led to higher conversion rates.  


With our SEO Strategy and Content, we were able to encourage Organic Traffic for GRAFFERSID in just a month. In just three months, traffic increased tremendously with the help of consistent blogging, service page content, and organic SEO. The retention rate was also growing. The Domain Authority of GRAFFERSID had escalated with the help of SEO and proper interlinking of pages. 


In the next six months, the engaging content was the consistent blogs, Guest Blogging, adding new service pages, GRAFFERSID started to rank on the first page for more than ten Keywords. Increasing the conversion rates organically is the best marketing strategy for any business.


A content network created by Qoulomb was escalating the traffic on the website and also ensuring higher rankings. The core approach of the complete content marketing strategy was – Unique, Creative and Engaging Content to boost organic results.


And it’s not the end. Over that period, we have collaborated with GRAFFERSID on many projects(even website design & social media marketing) for their clients. The results were exponential and allowed them to establish a stronghold in the industry.

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