These terms and conditions oversee the use of www.qoulomb.com. By utilizing Qoulomb services client acknowledges these terms and conditions in full and without any exemptions and consent to follow them.







“Promoter” signifies every person or individual with which Qoulomb contracts for the advertisements on Distributer’s sites utilizing Qoulomb services.


“Publicizing (Promotion)” implies pop-up messages intended to advance the Sponsors services or potential products.


“Private Data” of the party revealing such data will allude to: 

(a) such party’s proprietary innovations, field-tested strategies, procedures, techniques, or potentially rehearses; 

(b) such party’s product, instruments, proprietary innovations, skill, plans, specialized data, exclusive philosophies, PC frameworks engineering and organization designs; 

(c) some other data connecting with such party that isn’t by and large known to the general population, including data about its workforce, items, clients, monetary data, promoting and valuing systems, services, or future field-tested strategies; and 

(d) whatever other data which, from every one of the significant conditions, ought to sensibly be thought to be classified and restrictive.


“Content” signifies all Promotions content, related innovation, and labels given by the Promoter that is dependent upon the services under this Arrangement.


“Distributor” signifies every individual or person that shows sponsored Promotions on their Site utilizing Qoulomb services.


“Distributor’s Site” signifies website(s) possessed, worked, or constrained by Distributor or its auxiliaries.


“Client” signifies all people or elements utilizing Qoulomb services or site www.Qoulomb.com.


1. General Arrangements

1.1. Qoulomb offers Clients the potential chance to utilize its services based on the conditions and arrangements given hereunder. The utilization of Qoulomb services will be managed by these Terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy.


1.2. By beginning the utilization of any services/specific capacities or going through the enrollment methodology, the Client will be considered to have acknowledged the provisions of this Terms and Conditions in full with practically no impediments or special cases.


1.3. Qoulomb claims all authority to change the accompanying Terms and Conditions whenever without earlier Client notice. The progressions produce results upon removal on the Qoulomb site www.Qoulomb.com


2. Client Enrollment

2.1. To utilize specific Qoulomb services or certain particular elements of services, the Client will finish enrollment to make a one-of-a-kind record.

2.2. Upon utilizing Qoulomb’s services, the Client will give substantial and complete data mentioned and routinely refresh such data. Assuming the Client gives invalid data or Qoulomb has motivations to accept that any data provided by the Client is fragmented or invalid, Qoulomb may block or erase the Client’s record or prevent the Client the utilization from getting any services (or certain capacities).

2.3. Qoulomb will maintain whatever authority is needed to expect whenever the Client checks the data given upon enrollment and demands supporting reports.

2.4. For security purposes, the Distributor can’t roll out any improvements in its installment data without Qoulomb support endorsement.

2.5. Any Client’s private data contained in the Client account will be put away and handled by Qoulomb as indicated by Security Strategy.

2.6. The Client will expeditiously illuminate Qoulomb regarding any occurrences of unapproved (not permitted by the Client) admittance to Qoulomb services through the Client’s record and additionally any break (claimed break) of secrecy of the picked method for admittance to his/her record.

2.7. Qoulomb might incapacitate or erase the Client’s record as well as forbid access through any record to specific services and erase any substance without giving reasons remembering for case the Client abuses the terms hereunder.

3. General Terms and Conditions

3.1. The Client makes a deal to avoid recreating, duplicating, selling, or using for business purposes any pieces of the services, not to access (or endeavor to get to) any of the services using any and all means other than through the connection point that Qoulomb gives.


3.2. The Client consents to forgo attempting to break any of Qoulomb’s products or information or to decompile the Qoulomb programming source codes utilized in the services to introduce it on his/her PC, telephone, pocket PC, or another electronic gadget.


3.3. The Client will be answerable for consistence of any Content posted by the Client with relevant lawful necessities remembering liability to outsiders for case posting by the Client of any Content. Or if its topic encroaches on freedoms and real interests of outsiders including individual non-property privileges of creators, some other protected innovation freedoms of outsiders and additionally infringes on other theoretical resources.


3.4. The Client is explicitly precluded from utilizing any means, gadgets or game plans to submit misrepresentation, abuse any material regulation, slow down different partners, distort data regarding the services, or surpass your allowed admittance to Qoulomb services. Furthermore, in case of extortion, Qoulomb has the right at its prudence to impede or potentially erase the Client’s record or prevent the Client from getting any services (or specific capacities) as well as to nullify the transaction.


4. Promoter Necessities

4.1. Promoter recognizes and consents to give Advertisements materials in agreement with all relevant regulations to utilize Qoulomb services.


4.2. After utilizing Qoulomb services Sponsor will not:


4.2.1. Promote content that is illicit, hurtful, derogatory, unscrupulous, advances scorn and additionally racial, ethnic, sexual, strict or social segregation or is offending to any people or potentially associations;


4.2.2. Give Promotions that are abuse outsider privileges, including underage individuals and additionally hurt in any capacity;


4.2.3. Download, send, communicate or in any case post or potentially convey any materials containing infections or other PC codes, documents, or projects intended to break, annihilate or restrict the activity of any PC or media transmission hardware or programming for unapproved access as well as chronic numbers to business programming and age programs, logins, passwords and different means to get approved admittance to charge based internet-based assets, or post connects to such data;


4.2.4. Encroach the licensed innovation freedoms, privileges of protection or some other privileges at all of any outsider;


4.2.5. Give Advertisements that promote drugs, or any connected stuff, weapons, and other precluded labor and products.


Any other way, it will be viewed as deceitful activity and will prompt the quick impeding of his record in the Qoulomb.com, without the chance of reestablishment.


4.3. The rundown of disallowed advertisements, given above, are not restricted. Qoulomb maintains the authority to dismiss any Advertisements on their only attentiveness, assuming such Promotions abuse relevant regulations, these Terms and Conditions, or disregard or may abuse privileges of outsiders.


4.4. Publicist recognizes and concurs that the one is liable for all given Promotion, put on Distributer’s site.


4.5. Content and point of arrival are obliged to be passed with control for check prior to utilizing Qoulomb services. You might get to know the standards of control by tapping on the concurrent connection.


4.6. On the off chance that the Client makes twice higher rate than suggested in the Promotion crusades, Qoulomb isn’t liable for imaginable over the financial plan of the Ad crusades.


4.7. If there should arise an occurrence of infringement of the Restricted Materials Rules, the client’s record is impeded, and the excess assets in the record are charged from the equilibrium without the chance of a discount.


4.9 On the off chance that the Promoter’s Record has not been utilized for more than six (6) months, assuming there could have been no different arrangements between the gatherings, the excess finances will be totally charged from Sponsor’s Record, concerning which Publicist will initially get a warning from the individual supervisor Qoulomb.


5. Distributer Prerequisites

5.1. Distributer recognizes and consents to give its Sites that are consistent with all pertinent regulations to utilize Qoulomb services.


5.2. Distributor concurs that the substance of their website will be suitable and legitimate and will not contain:

5.2.1. Encroach the licensed innovation freedoms, privileges of protection or some other privileges at all of any outsider;

5.2.2. Malware, materials containing infections or other PC codes, records or projects intended to break, annihilate or restrict the activity of any PC or media transmission hardware or programming;

5.2.3. Materials that advance brutality, racial, public, political, religion, narrow-mindedness, or support against any individual, gathering, or association. The call for change the political arrangement of a sovereign state, investment in militant psychological associations;


5.2.4. Content promoting medications, or any connected gear, weapons and other disallowed and unlawful labor and products, and so forth


5.4. Qoulomb claims authority to dismiss any Promotions on their only tact assuming such Advertisements disregard material regulations, these Terms and Conditions, or abuse or may disregard freedoms of an outsider.


5.5. Distributors are wholly restricted from utilizing any means, gadgets, or components to submit fake movement. If Qoulomb identifies false traffic, your Distributer account is obstructed, the record balance is kept, and all vital lawful activities are required to recuperate the harm brought about by this infringement. Regardless, Qoulomb acknowledges all meanings of deceitful action in its only tact and doesn’t give nitty gritty proof of this explanation.

5.6. No traffic straightforwardly to the traffic back loaning page. In case of the revelation of the harm depicted in provision 5.4, the assets charged to the Distributer’s equilibrium on the pay from the back-up traffic will be dropped.


5.7. Qoulomb is obliged to take a look at any of the Distributer’s Sites prior to utilizing Qoulomb services.


5.8. Distributer’s sites ought to have SSL testaments.


6. Portrayal and Guarantees

6.1. The execution of this Understanding by such party and the execution by such party of its limiting commitments and obligations to the degree put forward hereunder don’t and won’t disregard any consent to which it is a party or by which it is generally bound.


6.2. Both Distributer and Promoter have the right, power, and position to go into this arrangement and awards the privileges determined in this Terms and Conditions;


6.3. Therefore, the Client addresses and warrants that he/she has generally fundamental freedoms, allows and licenses to begin and oversee promotion crusades, worksites, and business exercises.


6.4. Thus, the Client warrants that they won’t use Qoulomb services for any reasons that disregard any material regulations or privileges of any outsiders, including its licensed innovation.


6.5. Sponsor acknowledges and recognizes the entire liability if the Advertisements would be considered invalid or illicit in any material purview.


6.6. Sponsors and publicizing agents are completely liable for the content of the promotion. After requesting a promotion, the Publicist consents to repay and remunerate the Organization for any court costs brought about in case of a claim that might result because of the substance of the Sponsor’s commercials.


6.7. Clients will bear full liability on the off chance that their activities are considered illicit in any purview.


7. Licensed innovation

7.1. The content on the Assistance and accessible through the Help, barring Notices and outsider content, however including other text, graphical pictures, photos, music, video, programming, data sets, scripts and brand names, administration imprints, and logos contained in that (by and large “Restrictive Materials”), are claimed by as well as authorized to Qoulomb. All Restrictive Materials are likely to copyright, brand name, proprietary innovation, or potentially other freedoms under the laws of appropriate wards, including homegrown regulations, unfamiliar regulations, and worldwide shows. Qoulomb holds every one of our privileges over our Restrictive Materials.


7.2. Besides, as in any case unequivocally allowed, the Clients make a deal to avoid replicating, alter, distribute, communicate, circulate, take an interest in the exchange or offer of, make subsidiary works of, or in some other way exploit, in entire or to some extent, any Qoulomb content.

8. Disclaimer of Guarantees and Limit of Liabilities

8.1. You concur that your utilization of the Qoulomb services is at your sole and restrictive gamble. The Qoulomb services is given “with no guarantees” and practically no guarantee or condition, expressed, suggested, or legal.

8.2. Qoulomb isn’t answerable for unapproved admittance to the Client’s record and doesn’t discount any assets utilized. You thus, agree that you have no case against Qoulomb in such manner.


8.3. By no means will we be at risk for immediate, backhanded coincidental, extraordinary, important, or commendable harms (regardless of whether we have been instructed concerning the chance of such harms), including loss of income or expected benefits or lost business, coming about because of any part of your utilization of the assistance, whether, without constraint, such harms emerge from 

(i) your utilization, abuse, or powerlessness to utilize the qoulomb services, 

(ii) your dependence on any substance on the help, 

(iii) the interference, suspension, adjustment, change, or complete discontinuance of the qoulomb services, 

(iv) the end of the qoulomb services by us, or 

(v) the transitory or extremely durable closure of your property or different properties partaking in the qoulomb services. 

The previous will apply no matter the carelessness or other issue of one or the other party and whether or not such risk sounds in agreement, carelessness, misdeed, or some other hypothesis of obligation. These conditions also apply concerning harms brought about because of other Qoulomb services or items promoted regarding the qoulomb services.


9. Classification

9.1. Each party concurs that it won’t reveal any Private Data of the other party to any outsider and that it won’t involve Secret Data for any reason not allowed under these Terms and Conditions. Each party will safeguard the Classified Data of the other party to safeguard its own private and exclusive data. However in no occasion will such assurance be under a sensible norm of care.


9.2. The Gatherings concur that assuming divulgence is made to their expert consultants, evaluators, or financers, this will be done expose to each Party obtaining each such beneficiary’s consent to keep such data secret similarly as though such beneficiary were Involved with this understanding.


9.3. The previous commitments will not make a difference to the degree Classified Data of an unveiling party: 

(a) absolute necessity be uncovered by the getting party to follow any prerequisite of regulation or request of a court or managerial body including any pertinent stock trade (given that each party consents to the degree legitimately passable to tell the other party upon the issuance of any such request, and to collaborate in its endeavors to persuade the court or regulatory body to limit exposure); or

(b) is known to or in the ownership of the receiving party before the divulgence of such Secret Data by the revealing party, as confirmed by the accepting party’s put down accounts; or 

(c) is known or by and largely accessible to the general society through no demonstration or exclusion of the receiving party; or 

(d) is made accessible liberated from any lawful limitation to the getting party by an outsider; or 

(e) is autonomously evolved by the getting party without utilization of any Private Data.

10. Refund Terms

10.1. Refund could be applied uniquely upon composed solicitation containing purposes behind your Refund to Qoulomb’s help group.


10.2. Qoulomb’s help group will audit such case within ten (10) days, cautiously considering and examining each case.


10.3. Qoulomb, as per own conviction, considering the User’s history while utilizing Qoulomb Servies and relying upon every individual case, can refund the guaranteed sum to the User or reject such a refund. Qoulomb’s goal is conclusive.


10.4. Refund isn’t satisfactory in the event that the Advertiser breaks agreements of present Agreement or different terms concurred by the gatherings.


For any inquiries or disputes, You may contact us by email at hello@Qoulomb.com.  

We will ensure to help you and/or any client utilizing our services to resolve any disputes arising from your purchase.