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Transformed a legacy manufacturing brand into Digital Powerhouse






Client Worldwide

About Client:

Marcus is a 42-year-old B2B Manufacturing company focused on producing aluminum-based die-casting components. Marcus has been doing incredibly amazing throughout the years and has ventured into the digital landscape with Qoulomb. 


Lack of digital presence despite 40 years of successful operation. The company needed to establish a brand identity online and generate leads through digital marketing campaigns.

Post Covid, many manufacturing brands started appearing digital and wanted to leverage their legacy in the Industry to grow business digitally. 


Qoulomb implemented a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, including – Website rebranding + Social Media presence + SEO + Email marketing to empower the brand with every asset that makes them a digital superpower. 

Tactic #1 - Create the ideal buyer persona

For Marcus, creating ICP was a bit challenging as there was no marketing team earlier. We analyzed previous and existing clients of Marcus to find the most common traits and created an ICP to test.

It helped us work on “brand strategy” and create a consistent messaging for all channels of sales.

Website Development

Tools Used


Leveraged WordPress for its speed, ease of use, and SEO friendliness. It also gives good speed when there’s some editing is required. One of the most commonly used CMS.

Comprehensive Pages

Created individual landing pages for each product and service (Casting, Machining, Surface Treatments, Toolroom), totaling over 20 pages of informative content.

AI-Powered Chatbot

Integrated a chatbot to answer user queries and guide them to relevant information instantly.

High-Quality Content

Collaborated with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy, technical detail, and adherence to industry standards. For an industry like B2B Manufacturing, there’s no space to compromise.

User-Friendly Navigation

Streamlined website structure and incorporated creative sections highlighting key solutions on the homepage for effortless information access

Interactive Product Showcase

Developed an engaging feature showcasing Marcus's capabilities effectively on both desktop and mobile.

Social Media Management

Tools Used

Leveraged Storytelling

Utilized testimonials, case studies, and successful projects to generate interest and brand awareness. For manufacturers, we focused on the applications of the products.

Lead Magnets

With growing impressions on Social Media, we created lead magnets with an email-capturing form. We used Hubspot as CRM to nurture the accounts on social media as well as on the website.

Nurtured Leads

Cultivated engagement through relevant content, fostering long-term relationships with potential customers.

SEO Strategy

Tools Used

Long-Tail Keyword Targeting

Strategically targeted low-competition keywords for rapid ranking improvement. With a mix of keywords in mid-level competition, we created content that is written for humans and optimized for Google algorithms.

Valuable Content

Focused on creating high-quality, informative content to increase visitor retention and engagement. In collaboration with subject matter experts and our expert content writers, we created high-value content that could also act as a lead magnet.

From e-books to guides and whitepapers, we created content that could bring authority and credibility to Marcus.

Thought Leadership

Produced valuable content formats like case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers to establish expertise and industry leadership.

Strategic Backlinking:

Implemented effective backlinking strategies, including guest blogging opportunities, to boost domain authority. High domain sites gave backlinks to our content hence boosting our domain authority.

PR & Guest Blogging

For some top websites with traffic of relevant audiences, we created a winning strategy to maximize the spread of our PR articles.

For e.g., we created industry statistics reports which were used by several brands as quotation in their blogs, ultimately generating backlinks to our pages.

Email Marketing

Data-Driven Approach

Employed data acquisition tools like Hunter, Apollo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to ensure accurate and verified email lists.

Personalized Campaigns

Segmented audience based on specific needs and pain points, crafting tailored email campaigns for maximum impact.

Experiment-led success:

Our marketing team experimented not just with filtering out the data and geographical variations of prospects but with the email copy, design, email delivery time, and more.

Clear Call to Action

Incorporated clear CTAs and follow-up strategies to convert MQLs to SQLs efficiently. Automated replies and follow-ups were critical in pushing leads in the funnel.

Tools Used

We used sender for delivery, Neverbounce for verifying the emails, Hunter and Apollo to gather the data, and leadsbridge to test the ads.



Website Traffic Boost

Achieved significant website traffic growth fueled by organic search, email marketing, and social media efforts.


Lead Generation Surge

Generated a substantial number of qualified leads through website conversions and marketing campaigns.


Conversion Rate Increase

Boosted conversion rates by 30%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.


SEO Success

Secured top rankings for relevant keywords, positioning Marcus as a leading B2B die-casting manufacturer.

Client Quote:

“Qoulomb helped us bridge the digital gap and empower our marketing campaigns. From branding to execution, they’ve been our trusted consultants and top performers.” 

Marcus Santosh

Managing Director


By implementing a data-driven and comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Qoulomb successfully transformed Marcus into a digital powerhouse. The results speak for themselves – increased website traffic, lead generation, conversions, and top SEO rankings. This case study demonstrates the power of digital transformation and the value that strategic partnerships can bring to B2B companies.

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