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How Qoulomb created a website that generated 4X leads and boosted Paradise to become Market Leader?

Company Overview

Paradise Massage is a Dubai-based spa & wellness center in the heart of the country. But, in that heart, there are literally close to hundred other spa and wellness centers. It’s kind of a hub for spa, massage & wellness. Paradise Massage was just like another add-on before they met Qoulomb. Then, the whole story changed and we have here the whole story of branding, web design and development for spa and wellness center.

More about Paradise

Paradise spa & massage center was located in Dubai, UAE. With the increasing demand for services in that area, it was an obvious option to open wellness centers. Gopal Khemka – Founder of Paradise Spa, found us through Linkedin and stated the requirements of getting a brand new business up and running.

Starting in 2021, it was a highly competitive niche. People rushed towards the wellness center after COVID guidelines were relaxed a bit. So, we curiously started working on the problems Paradise was solving for people. Here are some of them listed! 

Serving people calmness, coolness, and peace of mind

Helping them leave the stressed world outside

Relaxing the sore muscles and bringing the energy of movement

Variety of massages for comfort, relaxation, healing, and energy

Mobile View of Website

Our target was to represent them through a web design and web copy which is also aligned to SEO guidelines. So, did we start working on the prototype directly?

Nope. Prototyping is like preparing a small product itself. And, before that, understanding of target audience, market positioning and brand values is quintessential.

What were the challenges in web design of spa & wellness brand ?


The biggest challenge was to bring ‘Unique brand style’ for Paradise Spa & Massage. In the ocean of other brands, building a new business and getting people to notice was important.

We discussed with Gopal his vision behind opening a new wellness center. Gopal said – “There are maybe 50 or 60 centers but none of them have a good customer service or follow-up service. With huge demand during this phase, most of the businesses keep focusing on new customers acquisition instead of retention. With Paradise, I want to breakthrough in the market with exceptional customer service and build a loyal customer base.’

This was inspiring for us to hear and resonate with the mission of Gopal. It gave us other goals to focus on along with creative and stunning web design for spa and wellness centers.

Strategy - Building a brand to be loved by every user
The Process Begins!

With all the insights and discussions of “Gopal and our team”, we started the very first step of a stellar web design & development strategy – Research which comprises of

Creating an Ideal buyer persona

Market Research

Competitor’s Audit

Audience segmentation

Creating Ideal buyer personas also helps us to realize the buyer’s journey. This reveals decision-making points in that journey.   Keeping this in mind, we can craft a web design for spa & wellness audience which caters to their needs. Ultimately, increasing the conversions for our client.

Web Design Process

Visual Sitemap of Paradise Spa Website

We started the sitemap creation for the website leading us to wireframing steps. Here is the division of the number of pages in the website in hierarchical order.

The outcomes of the research step always guide our way to the heart of customers. Out of so many competitors existing already in the market, only 2 of them had dedicated service pages for each service and literally no one focused on after customer service as Gopal stated.

Fixed section with CTAs

Whatsapp Chat Support All Time available

To focus more on simplifying the journey for customers, we decided to give plenty of options regarding contacting the service provider. They can call, WhatsApp, chat or submit any other inquiry through email. It also included instant whatsapp chat support. User can directly chat within the website itself.

The other goals from the site were part of the standard process we follow for each website development project.


Check the complete Web Design for Home Page below! 

Web Copy Process

Oh! This part is always lovely and exciting. Did you ever notice how much of your life is driven by content? Let me tell you –  100% of life.

What you hear, What you see, What you read & Whatever you imagine, it’s all content.

That is why Content is driving the world right now and you see influencers, brands, and market giants investing huge on content.

Based on Keyword Strategy & Brand message, our team started creating multiple copies for the home page. We got it tested with some local set of audience and recorded their feedback. This feedback brought more clarity and direction, finally producing a magnificent and conversion-focused copy. Our copy was focused on

Benefits for the users

Showing how their pain points are getting a solution

Social Proof in form of testimonials to build more trust and authority

Readability Score > 70

Storytelling style and conversational tone

One-liners that can stick to mind and never leave.

At Qoulomb, we are disrupting the web copy space with our highly intriguing and engaging style of writing. We know that a human is going to read it. So, why don’t talk to them? If they are scanning, just put un-scrollable one-liners which can hit them in the heart. That’s our motto when it comes to web copy. We don’t let visitors go elsewhere than your inquiry form.

Results - Beyond Expectations

As I said, earlier, the results were amazing. The number of leads Gopal Khemka and his team got was never seen in that area. Paradise was getting 500% more people converted than the second-best website of that area. As a result, we got referred and worked on 5 more projects in 3 months for spa and massage centers in Dubai.

More Conversions
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Customer Retention
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Star Rating and Highly Satisfied Customers

Here is Gopal telling you calmly about how we did all the work and got him running his business better than his peers.

"I got 4X leads from the Website after Qoulomb redesigned it"

Video Testimonial 

That’s not it. We are just loving our journeys with different brands, unique story and a magical finish to these projects. Dive deep into some more stories here and if you think, we can build together something not less than  incredible, ping us here.

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