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How Qoulomb redesigned the website for Claire Chen & created a Strong Brand Identity

About Claire Chen -
The Image Consultant

Claire Chen is an ambitious solopreneur and an expert Image Consultant. She has helped people discover their True & Powerful Image and become confident in the Corporate World. In addition to that, She developed a brand –

“The Image Consulting”. With a clear goal of “Helping 35+ Age Women in becoming more Confident”,

Claire has worked with more than 50 clients.

Problem/Where We Started

The story begins when Claire started posting on social media. Just like you and me, her prospects & customers were regularly hanging out there.

Before redesigning the website from Qoulomb, Claire tried to design her own website by herself. It was a pretty nice effort from her. But, since she had spent less time on website design, the website was not appealing enough. She even lost many customers after sending them her website.

Prospects did not return to continue the conversation after visiting the website. After a discussion with Claire, the problem was clear – It was Website Design for The Image Consulting domain.


After figuring out the problem, we started working on the goals and purpose. Since Claire herself is an Image Consultant, she understood how important it is to work on Branding. 

From this website, she expected a lot more than just a static website. Here are the goals:


Claire had worked nicely on her brand development. With pre-defined brand visual guidelines and brand messaging, it was the perfect time to redesign the website. Generally, solopreneurs have less time to work on their own brand. According to Forbes, more than 51% of solopreneurs find building a brand “too much time consuming”.

But, without building a brand, you are always losing something. Just like Claire was losing customers because of a less-optimized website. But, with a newly redesigned website, tables turned for Claire. Let’s find out the detailed story.

Planning - Resources & Timeline

A complete website is developed with key elements like -

Web Copy

Web Design



At Qoulomb, we have teams working on each part of a website. For SEO, Web Design, Web Copy & Tech, we have experts who work only on their part.

With Claire, we discussed the whole plan, timeline and resources required. Claire worked herself on the web copy part and We worked on the Web Design + Tech part.

To make it easy for Claire to handle the website and do changes, WordPress was our choice to develop the website. There are other platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and others but over the years, WordPress has built a community around it.

There are plenty of resources and choices available in WordPress that other competitors lack. Claire wanted to work on SEO in the latter half of the year.

So, we were ready with resources and responsibilities!

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