LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Stages of Your Ideal Customer’s Journey

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LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Stages of Your Ideal Customer’s Journey

LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Stages of Your Ideal Customer’s Journey

If there is any Goldmine for business owners and marketers on the Internet, I will bet it’s LinkedIn. 

Whether you are looking to scale your business, generate leads, build a strong personal brand or want to hire the top talent in the world, LinkedIn is the place to go. 

I know hundreds of people who have built their businesses using LinkedIn as their primary marketing channel. From 0 to ARR $ 1 million, $10 million, or $ 100 million, possibilities are endless. 

If you think it’s a Gimmick, you can think so because there are millions of ways to become a fool and only a few trusted sources.

I am telling you from my personal experience. I have been building Qoulomb mainly through LinkedIn. My biggest marketing channel is LinkedIn. I have to build Qoulomb from scratch for $50K in two years. And all the Credit goes to LinkedIn.

Think about it, where is your ideal Customer hanging around? 

If you are into B2B or Service based business, your Customer is roaming around right there on LinkedIn. Other businesses can also build their brand from LinkedIn, but we will talk about it some other day. 

Today, I will talk about the Ideal journey your Customer follows before turning into your Client on LinkedIn. 

So that you can optimize your content and strategy to ensure you get all potential clients. 

Here we are walking about your Ideal customers’ journey before they make a deal with you. We are not considering How you approach them

In this article, we are only considering the Inbound method of generating leads. 

Generally, a Customer goes through 5 stages before they make any deal-

1) Awareness/ Discovery  

2) Interest  

3) Consideration  

4) Evaluation 

5) Decision 

You must have heard about this Customer journey funnel many times if you are a marketer. 

But how is this applicable on LinkedIn? 

What Exactly does each stage signify on LinkedIn?

Well, here it is-

1) Awareness/ Discovery – Your Comments, Content & Search Option on LinkedIn

2) Interest – Your LinkedIn Profile Title & About Section

3) Consideration – Your Featured Section

4) Evaluation – Your Recent Posts & Content

5) Decision – A DM right away

This is the exact journey your Customer follows before making a deal with you. 

Now let’s break down each of these stages and deep dive into it – 

Stage 1: Awareness/Discovery – Your Comments, Content & Search Option on LinkedIn

There are three ways for new people to get to know you. 

1) LinkedIn Search bar – 

People will search for the kind of people or services they are looking for using this powerful search Engine. 

If they are looking for a “Content Strategist.”

They will use this Keyword to search. 

Now, if your Profile is Keyword optimized, your Profile will appear higher in the search bar, and there you go. 

You’re right in front of them. 

Remember, LinkedIn SEO is also a thing. 

But, there are multiple factors involved in it. So, we will discuss it in some other posts.

2) Your Comments on other people’s posts

Your valuable comments on others’ posts will bring people to your Profile. 

When you Comment on one of Your connection’s posts, it’s visible to all in their Connections. That’s how the visibility multiplies. 

Now let’s take an example. 

If you comment on a person’s post having, let’s say, 10,000 connections. 

Let’s say a particular post of them would get around 5,000 impressions,  which is usually much more.  

You will be exposed to these 5000 people by commenting on his post. The best part is; most of these people are not in your network.  

You can consider 10% (10% 0f the impressions other person is getting on their post) of the people who will see your comment, and within which only 10% will reach upto your profile. 

Isn’t it great? 

Just by commenting on a single post, you become exposed to 5000 new people. 

Now imagine commenting on 10 such posts. That would be 50K views every day. 

Imagine doing it daily. Ahhh! It’s going out of my mental math capability. 

I know you are not going to do it, lazy bud. So let me do it for you ( Considering the idea case).

50K*30 = 1.5 million. 

That’s too much exposure, isn’t it?

Now, you need to understand. The Comment section of others is your opportunity to catch their attention and make people interested in you. 

The small box over there is a chance to stand out. It is infinitely valuable. Now, don’t just waste it by commenting logicless comments like 

“Thanks for Sharing,” 

“Nice Post”  

“I love it”

You are losing millions over the table. 

Add value, Show your expertise, and be interesting to evoke people’s interest to check out your Profile and move them to the next stage in their journey. 

That’s the only way to gain visibility on LinkedIn and get in front of new people. 

3) Content: 

Creating content is the core of your marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

Each of your posts is exposed to a certain number of people. Based on the value you deliver, the relatability of the Content, and initial engagement in the post, it further explodes.

Now, imagine, if your post gets 5000 views,

And you post 5 times a week.

5K*5 = 25K,

And you do it for a month,

25K*4 = 100K a month.

Even if you get just bare minimum impressions of your single post, you can still reach 100K people a month, that too for free!

That’s insane right?

Stage 2: Interest – Your LinkedIn Profile Title & About Section

Your excellent Comment on someone’s post has brought some people to your Profile. 

They have surpassed the awareness stage. 

After getting astonished by your valuable Comment, they want to know about the person. 

Here is what is going on inside their head.

“Who is this person”? “I loved his opinion and knowledge on this particular topic ?”  

Now comes the role of your Profile’s top section; I call it your Hero Section

It has your Profile Picture, Background Image, and Intro/Bio section. 

It will say almost everything about what you do, If you can add value to them, and If you are the kind of person they are looking for. 

It is a crucial section of your Profile. 

Your Headshot must be Optimized, 

🔸 A Good Profile Picture

🔸 Optimized Header

🔸 A Good Background Image

It clearly tells about what you do & How you can help the visitor. 

Having a Crisp and interesting About section compels the visitor to go keep scrolling, and find more about you. 

Think about it. You must have judged a lot of people by their Hero section and not shown interest in them, 

They might not have any photos, a bad profile picture, no background, or some vague fancy line in their intro. 

Don’t be that person. 

Stage 3: Consideration – Your Featured Section

Your Featured Section is the most crucial section of your LinkedIn Profile.

A customer usually makes up his mind in this section. 

The biggest blunder you can make is not having it in your Profile. 

This section is your opportunity to impress the visitor with Your work, testimonial, or Case studies. 

You can use such effective content formats to showcase your work. 

You can use a one-to-one Consultation or Discovery call link, or if you have some courses.

You can send them to the Landing page of your website if you want. 

You can easily use 4-5 things in it. 

If I am selling one service, I would first put a Testimonial video, followed by the case study, and then a link to book a free discovery call. 

So set up a flow of building trust by showing the social proof, then using the case study to break down How we did it and bring the amazon result, and lastly, giving the CTA to book the call. 

They believe in your results and now consider you for the services you offer. 

Stage 4: Evaluation – Your Recent Posts & Content

Until now, You might have evoked some visitors to book the call. 

But most of them need a double-check before they get in touch with you. 

Your Recent posts, articles, and Videos published help them to make the decision and trust your authority.

Delivering value and educating them in your post will help you to win their trust. Talking about your daily experiences, learnings, experience with clients, industries, and tips works best. 

Your stories of how you started, why you are in this industry, & daily experiences are loved by people. 

They need to have a crisp mixture of emotion, education, and interest. 

They are ready to make a decision.

Stage 5: Decision – A DM right away 

They are ready to discuss, which helps them to DM you or book a Consultation call using suitable CTA’s. 

Make sure you make it easy for them to get in touch with you. 

Your business emails, contact details, or meeting links should be clearly visible.

 Congratulations, You have a New Lead!

 Make sure you stand strong at each stage of the Customer Journey. Don’t miss any.

 Your LinkedIn is a Lead generation Machine!!!

About the author:

Sourabh Yadav

Sourabh Yadav

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