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How we helped Zetwerk with 250+ blogs, 1000+ Backlinks & 25% growth in Traffic in a month






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About Client:

Zetwerk, a prominent player in the manufacturing industry, sought to enhance its online presence and target the North American market. Their specific objectives included ranking for top keywords in the North American market, nurturing client leads, increasing conversion rates, and achieving high rankings on numerous keywords.


Prior to our collaboration, Zetwerk faced challenges in scaling its SEO efforts, particularly in targeting a larger geography within a short timeframe.

They required an aggressive SEO strategy to address these challenges, focusing on scalability and rapid results.


We took a multifaceted approach, crafting varied and captivating content and  fine-tuning technical aspects of their website. 

We also employed inventive SEO strategies to refine on-page elements, boost social media presence, and produced compelling industry reports and infographics.

Tactic #1 - Collaboration with US Brands for PR

While Zetwerk’s target market was the North American region, a significant amount of their traffic was coming from India. 

To target the North American market effectively, Zetwerk collaborated with US-based brands to gain PR coverage. This partnership not only expanded Zetwerk’s reach but also established credibility and trust within the target market.

Our Approach

Tools Used

Holistic Content Development Strategy

Recognizing the pivotal role of content in attracting and engaging target audiences, we crafted a multifaceted content development strategy.

This encompassed the creation of compelling white papers, engaging eBooks, impactful case studies, enticing lead magnets, and informative blogs.

By diversifying our content offerings, we ensured a well-rounded approach to capturing audience attention and delivering valuable industry insights.

Innovative Off-Page SEO Tactics

We leveraged off-page SEO tactics to strategically elevate Zetwerk's online authority and prominence within the manufacturing domain.

Employing a nuanced approach, we meticulously targeted high-authority manufacturing marketplaces and renowned brands for backlink acquisition.

Furthermore, we pioneered a unique combination of guest posting and brand listing on these platforms. This amplified Zetwerk's industry standing and earned quality backlinks from sites with 50+ DA.

Strategic Social Media Amplification

Recognizing the role played by social media in modern marketing endeavors, we devised a sophisticated social media amplification strategy to augment Zetwerk's digital reach and engagement.

We strategically disseminated industry reports, captivating infographics, and insightful blog posts across pertinent social media channels.

This helped Zetwerk reach a wider and more relevant audience, boosting leads and conversions.

Strategic Technical SEO Optimization

With meticulous attention to detail, we conducted extensive technical SEO audits to meticulously analyze and optimize every aspect of Zetwerk's online presence.

We strategically optimized Zetwerk’s website structure, fine-tuned meta tags, and optimized page load speed.

This fortified Zetwerk's digital infrastructure to maximize search engine visibility and enhance organic discoverability.

Precision On-Page SEO Enhancement

With an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, we embarked on a journey to optimize Zetwerk's on-page elements with surgical precision.

By meticulously aligning title tags, optimizing headings, and fine-tuning content structure to harmonize with targeted keywords, we fortified Zetwerk's digital footprint and enhanced its prominence in search engine results.

Additionally, our implementation of schema markup conferred a competitive edge, augmenting the visibility of Zetwerk's content in the fiercely competitive digital landscape.

Innovative Creation of Industry Reports and Infographics

We also generated extensively researched industry reports and eye-catching infographics. These resources, such as "Top 50 Manufacturing Trends for 2022" and "Top 50 Manufacturing Trends for 2023," acted as databases of industry information.

Additionally, we created infographics brimming with industry statistics and brand references. These assets earned recognition from industry leaders and facilitated the acquisition of premium backlinks from revered domains.

Key Challenge - Creating Content Tailored to Manufacturing

Having little to no experience with the manufacturing industry, our writers were faced with the hurdle of tailoring content to Zetwerk’s manufacturing expertise. To surmount this obstacle, we collaborated closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the content creation journey. This involved conducting in-depth interviews with industry insiders and providing specialized training to our writers. 

By leveraging the insights and expertise of SMEs, we ensured the production of high-caliber, industry-specific content that resonated deeply with Zetwerk’s target audience. This approach enriched the content’s depth and relevance and positioned Zetwerk as a thought leader within the manufacturing domain.



50-60% surge in Website Traffic

Zetwerk experienced a notable increase in website traffic, with a 50-60% surge in visitor numbers compared to previous metrics. The website is now getting approximately +25K monthly organic traffic.


Many keywords started ranking in top 3

The implementation of strategic SEO tactics led to a substantial improvement in search engine rankings. Over a period of six months, Zetwerk witnessed an increase in the rankings of key keywords, with many keywords entering the top 10 and top 3 positions.


1000+ High Quality Backlinks

Through targeted backlink building efforts, Zetwerk amassed over 1000 high-quality backlinks, further enhancing its online authority and credibility.


5x increase in Lead Generation

The influx of quality backlinks and increased website traffic resulted in a significant boost in lead generation. Zetwerk observed a 5x increase in inquiries from the target audience, indicating improved engagement and interest in its offerings.


Shift in Target Audience

With a focused strategy aimed at the North American market, Zetwerk experienced a notable shift in website traffic, with a greater proportion of visitors originating from the target geography.


Revenue Growth by 5X:

The combined impact of improved search rankings, increased website traffic, and enhanced lead generation culminated in substantial revenue growth for Zetwerk. Over a span of eight to ten months, Zetwerk experienced a 5x increase in revenue, underscoring the effectiveness of the digital marketing initiatives implemented during the project.

Client Quote:

‘During my time at Zetwerk, I collaborated closely with Qoulomb, witnessing their exceptional talent in content creation and SEO strategy. Their innovative approaches consistently resonated with our audience, delivered with meticulous execution. I enthusiastically recommend Qoulomb for any B2B/B2C content project, given their dedication and proven track record.’

Gopal Krishna

Head of Marketing & Sales Zetwerk

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